Surviving Dead Week

That’s my goal this week – to just get by! I been dreading this week for about a month now. Just looking at the week on my calendar with all the appointments, assignments, and notes makes me a little queasy. Now that it’s here though, I’m not sweatin’ it too[Read more]

april showers

Today I walked outside to damp sidewalks and spring’s fresh scent. Did I mention I LOVE this time of year? Now I’m sitting at work, windows open listening to the quiet padding of raindrops near the and the occasional grumble of thunder. I think this quote pretty much sums up[Read more]

Dresses are here!

Here’s an exciting wedding update: The dresses are here! Both the bridesmaid dresses and my wedding gown have arrived at the Bridal Isle in Loomis! I would post pictures, but I know that Jake looks at this and we wouldn’t want to spoil anything now would we? x0x0 Alexandrea Nicole[Read more]

Wedding Edition: Food & Flowers

Spring Break is finally here, and as promised…I have made some major progress with wedding details. Yesterday afternoon, we had an appointment at Country Catering with Diane Kucera. It was fabulous! The six of us were served a delicious spread of food possibilities for the reception. Everything we tried was[Read more]

Springing Forward

I missed posting again on Monday…shame on me! This week began a little rough with Daylight Savings and all, but I’ve finally caught up with myself. These past two weekends have been full of family, basketball (GO WHIPPETS!), and chores. Jake lives and works in the Animal Science building. Lately,[Read more]

Etsy Obsessed

Hey there! Some of you might have noticed, but I missed posting last week. I have been crazy busy lately. But I’m here now…so here we go! I thought that I would blog about Etsy today. Some of you may be familiar with it…and that’s great! For those of you[Read more]

Wedding Edition: DIY Diva

Hey all! I know all of you are just as excited as me that I am getting married soon, but I’ve decided to try and limit myself to babbling about it here to once a month. So for those of you who really care: every third Monday of the month[Read more]

Happy Heart Day!

Today is one of those days that you either love or hate…Valentine’s Day. Personally, I enjoy the holiday. I’m not just saying that because I have the most amazing fiance ever (because I do) … I have ALWAYS enjoyed this special day. Growing up, we gave out homemade valentine’s day[Read more]