Project Life: Puerto Rico Album

We recently returned from a much needed vacation to Puerto Rico. A lot of “first time’s” for us on this trip. We had so much fun! I was so excited to start scraping memories from the trip, I actually started on the plane on our way home! Here are a[Read more]

Sandhills Road Trip

Between weddings and funerals we have been doing a great deal of traveling the past couple of weeks. One of our favorite things to do is take off for a drive – even if we don’t have a destination in mind. I wanted to share some photos from our most[Read more]

Going with God: Spring Break at the Lake!

When most college students describe how they will be spending their spring breaks, either they are traveling to warmer weather or to the mountains for skiing. Although I will be headed to Colorado this next week, winter sports are not on the agenda. Instead, I will be joining other UNK,[Read more]

School’s Out

This pretty much sums up how I feel about today – It’s bittersweet, really! x0x0 alexandrea nicole Alexandrea NicoleAlex is a member of the GE Creative Team and is the eldest daughter within the trio. Her formal training is in education where she teaches Family & Consumer Science classes. The[Read more]

Springing Forward

I missed posting again on Monday…shame on me! This week began a little rough with Daylight Savings and all, but I’ve finally caught up with myself. These past two weekends have been full of family, basketball (GO WHIPPETS!), and chores. Jake lives and works in the Animal Science building. Lately,[Read more]