Surviving Dead Week

That’s my goal this week – to just get by! I been dreading this week for about a month now. Just looking at the week on my calendar with all the appointments, assignments, and notes makes me a little queasy. Now that it’s here though, I’m not sweatin’ it too badly. It’s Tuesday – the week has begun and I’m not dead yet. Things are looking up!

What’s on my plate for the remainder of this week?

  • Concept Map
  • Ethnicity Final Exam
  • Research Article Critique
  • Research Credit Survey
  • Philosophy of Education Paper
  • and the professor who still has to give us 3 quizzes (in two class periods)

Looking at it now I’m optimistic. I can get that all done by Thursday! (I don’t have class on Fridays, which sounds great, but really means that all my course work is squished into four days.)

Maybe I’m mistaken, but I thought the whole purpose of dead week was for professors to wrap up the course and prepare you for the final exam – not make all these projects and papers due. Also, notice the final exam I have this week – I actually had one yesterday too. Professors think they are doing you a favor because you get done with that class early. Wrong. Now while going to class and frantically finishing course work, I also have to find time to study. I would have much more time for that next week when class isn’t in session. Alas, I have two finals this week.

Another goal is to show up for my finals at the right time at the right place. EVERY semester I have shown up on either the wrong day or wrong time for a final. Luckily for me it has always been BEFORE the actual final. But you can image how nervous that would make a person to sit in the hall waiting for your class of 50 to show up to the final you thought was supposed to start 15 minutes ago. Something is wrong here! This year I think I can make that happen. I have checked and double checked. I have three finals during finals week – two on Wednesday, one of Friday. (note to professors who moved finals – I won’t be getting out of here nay earlier since your finals were on Monday and Tuesday anyway).

That totally concludes my rant for the day – time to get to that list!


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