Wedding Edition: DIY Diva

Hey all! I know all of you are just as excited as me that I am getting married soon, but I’ve decided to try and limit myself to babbling about it here to once a month. So for those of you who really care: every third Monday of the month is my Wedding Edition!

It’s project mania at my place…between school work, Etsy products, and wedding planning! Since we are less than six months away from the wedding day, I thought that I would fill you in on a few projects I am doing. When I say a few projects…I really mean quite a few. Thus, I have dubbed myself a DIY Diva! Ha!

One of the biggest projects I have taken upon myself is making all of the flower arrangements. This includes 1 bridal bouquet, 5 bridesmaids bouquets, 1 flower girl bouquet, numerous boutonnieres, church decorations, and reception centerpieces. When I say “making all the flower arrangements” that not only entails arranging the flowers, but also creating the flowers from fabric. A huge task. Luckily for me, the family is pitching in to help out. While I was home over break many hours were spent with in the family room with an assembly line going. (Thanks everyone!) We even got Dad to join in and cut fabric 🙂

I have gathered many different fabrics and techniques for creating the flowers. I narrowed it down to five different styles of flowers which range in texture and size. So far all we have to show for our efforts is a box of yellow flowers and one bridesmaids bouquet…a little disappointing, but everything will come together in the end!

A much simpler project is making photobooth props…I spend an afternoon with some pals crankin’ out these fun mustaches. They were easy peasy, so I’m also going to attempt lips for the ladies!

A passion of mine happens to be design, so of course that would lead me to create my own wedding stationary including invitations, response cards, accommodations and maps, save the dates, thank-yous, and reception information. Recently, I bought a new computer and Adobe suite that really allows me design and manipulate objects like a pro (or pretend to at least)! I was inspired to create our stationary like a mock play bill in keeping with the simple country wedding. I love the use of different texts and the bold graphic.

The last project I’m going to mention for now is a decoration element for the reception venue. Last weekend, Jake and I cut down 22 shiny elm trees that will eventually be painted and strung with lights.

Woo. Is it just me or after writing all that down it just doesn’t add up! For all the time I’ve spent working on stuff, I really don’t have a whole lot to show…bummer. I have a tidbit of everything started, why can’t I just get something finished?! Cross your fingers that I’ll have a good report next month!


Alexandrea Nicole