Springing Forward

I missed posting again on Monday…shame on me! This week began a little rough with Daylight Savings and all, but I’ve finally caught up with myself.

These past two weekends have been full of family, basketball (GO WHIPPETS!), and chores. Jake lives and works in the Animal Science building. Lately, I’ve been helping him do weekend chores…sound awful?! It’s actually not too bad. While Jake does the chores that I am not “qualified” to do I help him out by picking the horse stalls and arena and feeding animals.

I’m just glad to be keeping busy, it takes my mind off the fact that the weather is gorgeous and that Spring Break begins this weekend! WooHoo! I’m going home and have a lot planned 😉 that’s right…you guessed it – wedding details! Stay tuned because I’m planning on making a lot of progress!


Alexandrea Nicole