Wedding Edition: Food & Flowers

Spring Break is finally here, and as promised…I have made some major progress with wedding details. Yesterday afternoon, we had an appointment at Country Catering with Diane Kucera. It was fabulous! The six of us were served a delicious spread of food possibilities for the reception. Everything we tried was yummy!

Working with Diane is going to be great! This isn’t her first rodeo…she’s catered numerous events, and that is clearly evident. She was very detail oriented which helped Jake and I make a few decisions. Not all of this is really catering related, but through our consultation we arrived at a time line for the day, a better idea of the floor plan layout, which napkins and silverware we wanted to use, how to set up the buffet, what time to serve dinner, and when to cut cake. WOW! Right there is more than I have accomplished in a LONG time!

We didn’t finish there either. When we got home we started in on making some yellow flowers for the girls’ bouquets.

We even had the boys  helping out by twisting wires on netting. You can’t see Kenzie, but she was on the floor cutting out more netting for the boys. It was a whole family effort.

On top of all this, I took the labels of of 30 or more blue wine bottles. These will serve as centerpieces at the reception. My work definitely isn’t finished, but it’s reassuring after a day like yesterday. I can’t spend too much more time on this because I’ve got a lot more wedding “stuff” to accomplish today and this week…off to a great start!


Alexandrea Nicole