Sandhills Road Trip

Between weddings and funerals we have been doing a great deal of traveling the past couple of weeks. One of our favorite things to do is take off for a drive – even if we don’t have a destination in mind. I wanted to share some photos from our most[Read more]

Kittens in a Tree?

The title speaks for itself! We now have newborn kittens living in one of our trees! My two year old cat, Lottie, had her second litter on Friday. Last year we easily found the kittens since she didn’t know where to go, but this year she came up with something[Read more]

Buying a Bed and Breakfast?

Many people ask us how Grace Elizabeth’s Bed & Breakfast came about so in this series I will submit four posts walking you through the process. Series:  The Birth of Grace Elizabeth’s Bed and Breakfast THE PURCHASE (#1 in a series of 4) Have you ever had a dream and[Read more]