Afghan Warmth

How many of you work on multiple projects simultaneously?  Sometimes that is called procrastination but in this case I worked on two afghans at the same time out of necessity (to keep me sane).  Afghans take time and doing the same pattern for hours can get a bit boring, so[Read more]

Perseverance-God Moment

The past few weeks I have had quite a bit thrown onto my plate. With college starting, wedding planning, and personal issues I have felt so much stress. Recently I was sitting at my desk feeling defeated by the day. Instead of sitting there, drowning myself in my misery I[Read more]

Belated Christmas Gift (sorry Alex)

Wow! I have not written anything for a while! I guess senior year really is busy! I have down time today because I’m sick on the couch with, well I don’t know what, but I found some free time. This year I have an independent art study which basically means[Read more]