Belated Christmas Gift (sorry Alex)

Wow! I have not written anything for a while! I guess senior year really is busy! I have down time today because I’m sick on the couch with, well I don’t know what, but I found some free time.

This year I have an independent art study which basically means I get to choose my own projects and work at my pace. So far I have only completed two projects, but I am also considered my teacher’s “aide” during the period so some days are spent working with a student in Art 1. I work with this student almost on a daily basis mainly encouraging and assisting. As my teacher would say, “Each day brings something new. I just smile through it.” Today I actually had to leave the room because the freshman and sophomores got a little out of control. The noise gave me such a bad headache that I had to stop painting. I must admit I shouldn’t have gone to school today. When you get short of breath from walking up a flight of stairs, it’s a sign to rest.

OK! My most recent work was done for Alex as a Christmas present (I finished it two weeks ago). I’m horrible at giving gifts especially when everyone in my family is so crafty! I thought I would try to give her something handmade! My inspiration came from her wedding bouquet. I painted flowers similar to her handmade roses. Courtney aided me by stealing tulle and ribbon from Alex’s apartment. Both of those were used to make her bouquet. Using an exacto knife, I cut slits in my canvas and pulled sections of tulle through them. Alex’s ribbon was glued on the edges as a frame.

Alex has seen a picture of the painting but won’t actually receive it until I graduate in May. It will be in the art show at the end of the year.

Mackenzie Grace