What did I think of my first sewing class?

Friends, it was stellar!

I have been having quite a busy summer thus far, but I found the time to squeeze in some sewing. I took my first ever Craftsy sewing class to improve my sewing skills and make a project for myself!

I completed the Sassy Librarian Blouse sewing class with Christine Haynes – and LOVED IT! So here is my Craftsy Class Review.

First Sewing Class

Class content on Craftsy is delivered via segmented videos that you can watch over and OVER again. The instructions that I received were clear and concise. Christine’s pattern was wonderful and her personality made each step of sewing fun. I really appreciated that she explained not only what to do, but WHY we’re doing it. This sewing class was SO GREAT for someone like me who wants to apply what I’ve learned in this class to sewing other garments.

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sassy librarian blouse

My finished blouse included front pleats and tab. I didn’t like the bow, so I didn’t make it. Christine’s Sassy Library Blouse pattern has so many different options that you can personalize it to your taste.

sassy librarian blouse

sassy librarian blouse

I would recommend this Craftsy sewing class to anyone looking to improve their sewing skills or begin sewing garments. This class has inspired me to make more clothes for myself and has given me some great techniques to help the things I create not look so “homemade.”

Happy Sewing!