Join Me as I Embark on My First Sewing Class

Have your heard of Craftsy? It is an online education community where members can take classes on various crafts and hobbies from experts in the field. I just enrolled in my first sewing class and am so excited!

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Most of what I know about sewing, I taught myself. That is due, largely in part, to being very stubborn growing up and alway wanting to do things my own way. My mom offered to teach me what she knows, but I had a hard time listening and taking criticism. Older and wiser, I am ready to listen and hungry for more!

I would consider myself a beginning seamstress. I’ve tackled a variety of projects, but what has piqued my interest lately is the notion of sewing clothing. Sure I made several 4-H projects by following the pattern instructions (or not – because they didn’t always make sense!) But now I’m looking to do things the right way, the best way, the most professional way. And that is going to take professional instruction. Time for my first sewing class!

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Craftsy classes come straight to you, wherever you are. They are delivered via videos that you can watch as many times as you need. The online interface also allows you to ask questions of the instructor and share your project with others.

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For my first sewing class, I wanted a beginner level course with instructional content that would help me produce a finished product. I want to learn techniques, but I would become bored if they weren’t being applied to a whole project. After looking through the extensive class list, I chose to enroll in the Sassy Library Blouse sewing class taught by Christine Haynes. The blouses are very flattering with a retro flair.

First Sewing Class Sassy Librarian Blouse

I will be making View 2 of the blouse. The sewing class goes over techniques including pleating, bias trimmed armholes, buttons, darts, relief pleats, and more. I’m excited to learn some new clothing techniques and apply them my own Sassy Librarian Blouse and projects in the future. My pattern is printed out, my fabric and notions purchased, and my spirits are high! I can’t wait to dive into my first sewing class and make my Sassy Librarian Blouse.

I plan on sharing my finished Sassy Librarian Blouse with you as well as a personal review of the my first sewing class when I’m all finished.

Have you taken a Craftsy class? Are there any Craftsy classes that you would recommend to the beginning seamstress?


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