Excited to Try Out a New Quilting Technique for the First Time

Wow! I’ve been getting to a lot of projects lately! (But for some reason unbeknownst to me my craft supplies are NOT dwindling!) HA! I recently tried out a new to me quilt technique on a table runner.

curvacious table runner

I followed the pattern Curvacious by Gudrun Erla that came with the kit I purchased at a garage sale a couple of years ago. (OH RIGHT! This is why I have so much STUFF!) I was very excited to try out a new quilting technique for the first time. The assembly of this table runner employed the quilt as you go method.

I really enjoyed trying something new, and the new quilting technique was great because the project came together very quickly. The table runner looks WAY more complicated than it was to put together!

curvacious table runner

Quilt As You Go Quilting Technique

quilt as you go quilting technique

This quilting technique sandwiches all three layers together (quilt top, batting, and quilt back). With each seam as you piece the quilt top together the quilting occurs. This way when you are done piecing the top all you have left to do is add the binding. VOILA!


I added some additional decorative topstitching to this table runner to finish it up. The colors will be great for the upcoming fall season!

Give us some feedback! Have you tried a new sewing or quilting technique lately? Do you love to quilt as you go?

Happy Sewing!