Yogurt Parfait: It’s All About the Presentation

It’s all in the presentation.  Let’s say you purchase a new dress for your niece’s wedding and what do you do next?  You either raid your jewelry box and closet for accessories or better yet you continue to shop to find the perfect necklace, earrings, belt and shoes. Why do you accessorize?  To enhance and complete “the look.”  I like to treat food in the same way.  Food needs to be accessorized.  It makes it more appealing to the eye and frankly it tastes better – assuming you use fresh ingredients and complimentary flavors.


Let’s use yogurt as an example.  You could simply eat it directly from the single serving tub.

Yogurt w strawberries

Or…put it into the bowl and add some fruit.

yogurt Parfait

Better yet…put it into a fancy cup, top with granola and finish it off with a variety of  fresh fruit .

The first option, eating the yogurt directly out of the container, works if you are in a hurry or on the go.  However, doesn’t the “Parfait” look more appealing?  Don’t you wish you could eat one right now.  Remember – it’s all in the presentation.


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