Meeting Adjourned!

All the Nelsen kids and spouses (except Jake – had to study) converged at the Nelsen Family home this past weekend.  Alex arrived on Friday while Courtney, Mackenzie and Nathan arrived early Saturday morning.  What was the occasion you ask?  It was a scheduled “family meeting” – no, we weren’t[Read more]

Yogurt Parfait: It’s All About the Presentation

It’s all in the presentation.  Let’s say you purchase a new dress for your niece’s wedding and what do you do next?  You either raid your jewelry box and closet for accessories or better yet you continue to shop to find the perfect necklace, earrings, belt and shoes. Why do[Read more]

Meet the Author: Sonya Kay

Welcome to Grace Elizabeth’s Blog.   My three daughters are joining me in authoring this blog.  We love creating and designing with each having her own style.  We are excited about starting this blog to share our discoveries with you our reader.  So check back often and explore with us. Grace[Read more]