DIY Teacher Planner

In one month school will begin…And this teacher will be ready. I have finally hit the magically number of 3. I survived the first year – just keeping my head above water. In my second year I settled in and made improvements to what I implemented in my first year.[Read more]

The Best Kind Of Day

Today is the best kind of day – a SNOW DAY! What makes this snow day even more exciting is that it wasn’t expected! Surprise! Snow days were always a students dream come true, but now that I’m a teacher and on the other side of going to school everyday[Read more]

Finally stepping into a classroom!

After spending the last 3.5 years studying my subject areas of English and Spanish, I’m finally ready to step into a classroom to work with a cooperating teacher for 80+ hours of field experience before student teaching in the fall.  This will be the first opportunity I have had to[Read more]