DIY Teacher Planner

DIY Teacher PlannerIn one month school will begin…And this teacher will be ready. I have finally hit the magically number of 3. I survived the first year – just keeping my head above water. In my second year I settled in and made improvements to what I implemented in my first year. I am excited to start the third! Now that I am comfortable in the classroom, I am thrilled to see what this year will bring.

One thing that saved me my first and second year was my personal teaching planner. My first year, this consisted of printing out a page every week to write down lesson plans. I slipped these into a three ring binder on my desk. Last year, I made, printed, and spiral bound my own planner with calendar, weekly lesson plan template, and gradebook. This was a huge improvement! Everything in one spot.

DIY Teacher PlannerI took what I liked from each of those categories and made some minor changes for this year’s planner. It’s so crisp, clean, and ready to go! I can take a deep *sigh* knowing that no matter how crazy things get this year – I can at least keep my sanity. I would go insane if I didn’t have this organizational tool.

DIY Teacher PlannerMy favorite new part is the notes pages I added. These will be perfect for login and passwords, staff meetings, and collaboration with teachers/administrators/parents.

DIY Teacher Planner

My total cost for this project was $4.80. Here’s to starting the year of organized and enthused! YAY!


Alexandrea Nicole