What does Scones and Prom have in common?

This post is dedicated to my good friend and young mother, Amy Minshull.  Enjoy Amy!  Also there are so many scone recipes out there.  The key is…experiment. Today is Prom!  Today’s breakfast menu – Scones.  Yes “today” is what scones and Prom have in common.  I made the scones this[Read more]

Prom Preparations: So Much Left!

I have to admit as a team we haven’t done much the past month to get ready for prom! Yikes! I think the reasoning for not being very productive is all the breaks we had. There was never time to get together. Luckily there wasn’t much that could be done[Read more]

Prom Preparations: Just the Beginning!

I often overwhelm myself with too many obligations. This year I have done better to limit myself! Although what I have limited myself to is probably more work but with less student organizations. This year I am the reporter for Spanish Club, Treasurer of Art Club, Junior Class Representative in[Read more]