Prom Preparations: Just the Beginning!

I often overwhelm myself with too many obligations. This year I have done better to limit myself! Although what I have limited myself to is probably more work but with less student organizations. This year I am the reporter for Spanish Club, Treasurer of Art Club, Junior Class Representative in Student Council, and a Junior Class Officer. Every month I have to attend meetings or activities for these organizations. As a Junior Class Office I get to help plan this year’s prom! Once a month I will post the progress we have made!

We are so lucky to be able to use the Minden Opera House as our location! Their ballroom hosts our dinner and dance. This is where most of the decorating will happen. A fellow classmate of mine came up with the theme for this year: “We’ll Always Have Paris”. She has centered it on a garden theme within this beautiful city. The two of us have gotten together a few times to brainstorm the design. I will try to walk you through the plan! As of right now I will just tell you about the ballroom. In the Opera House there is a lobby upstairs which is right outside the ballroom. For those of you who have been there know that there are two doors to enter into the ballroom. We will only have one of these open. As you walk through the door you would be walking under a vine-covered arch, but when you turn around on the inside you will see the Arc de Triumph. Once you are in the ballroom, hedges surround you to make a sort of path. On the back wall columns outline a mural of the Eiffel Tower. We want to include a fountain with gossamer flowing down it like water with park benches around it in the punch table area. The entire room will have old world lampposts to make it feel even more like a park at night. Every time I think of what it will look like I get excited!

This is the mural we purchased!

Now for the actual progress side of it! A few weeks ago we went into the basement of our high school to rummage through the prom storage area. Let me tell you it was a mess! I couldn’t even walk a foot into the room! After a few hours of work we were able to throw out unusable items and organize the rest. We found mirrors, bowls, and glass rocks to use as centerpieces, plenty of twinkle lights, and lots of gossamer! I had the duty of pulling the lights out of a cardboard cityscape that had been used two years ago. So far we haven’t done much else except figure out what we would like to use and what will be needed to pull off our design. We recently ordered Paris Eiffel Tower Wine Glasses for our tables, the mural for the back wall and an Arc de Triumph for the entry. The big project right now is to list what we need to rent, borrow, or bargain shop for. Most of the bargain shopping will be waiting for sales at Hobby Lobby to get greenery and flowers. I am super excited to decorate! Only 7 weeks until prom!

Mackenzie Grace