DIY Camera Bag

Almost as soon as I got my camera, I have been looking for a bag to tote it around in. I didn’t want a bag that screamed “I’m holding a camera!” After browsing the web a new trend was very appealing to me – a Purse/Camera Bag. A bag that[Read more]

Tutorial: DIY Camera Strap Cover

Remember that new camera I got not too long ago? I’m making progress in figuring out all its amazing capabilities…err…sort of. Anyway, I have been seeing these really cute camera strap covers on Etsy and Pinterest lately and decided to try my hand at one myself. I am very pleased[Read more]

Saving pays off!

I have wanted a nice camera for some time now, and every time I get a little bit of money I stash it away to save up. With a little help from our tax refund, I’ve saved up enough and cashed it in! My husband and I buy our “toys”[Read more]