Tutorial: DIY Camera Strap Cover

Remember that new camera I got not too long ago? I’m making progress in figuring out all its amazing capabilities…err…sort of. Anyway, I have been seeing these really cute camera strap covers on Etsy and Pinterest lately and decided to try my hand at one myself. I am very pleased with the result and decided to walk you through the process I took to create this adorable camera accessory, so you too may look fashionable while capturing memories!

graceelizabeths - camera strap tutorial

Mom, do you remember these fabrics? You have an apron made out of them…and here I am using the scraps! (Something which desperately needs to happen more often because I am accumulating more fabric than I care to store!)

Camera Strap Supplies

1. Start by measuring you camera strap. Mine measured 23.5″ x 1.5″.

2. To create my strap I added 1″ to the length and 1/2″ to the width for sewing seam allowances.

3. Cut out 2 strips with the total dimension (my pieces were 24.5″ x 2″). I chose to make each side of the strap different with the coordinating fabrics – so I cut one strip from each.

Camera Strap Tutorial: Cut Strips

4. Fold, iron, and pin 1/4″ of each short end. Sew with a zig-zag stitch for added decorative effect.

Camera Strap Tutorial: sew ends

5. With right sides together pin pieces together. Stitch with a 1/8″ seam allowance along both long sides of the strip. This will form the tube that you will slide your camera strap through.

Camerea Strap Tutorial: pin ends together

Camera Strap Tutorial: fabric tube

6. Turn and press tube. Make sure you do a good job of getting the seam to lay flat and on the outside!

Camera Strap Tutorial: turn and press

7. At this point I added the flower embellishment – you could really add anything that fits your style!

Camera Strap Tutorial: flower embellishment

8. Push your camera strap through the tube – I used a safety pin attached to the end of my camera strap to assist with this step.

Camera Strap Tutorial: safety pin

9. Reattach you strap to your camera and enjoy!

Camera Strap Tutorial

Sorry there are no pictures of the strap attached to my camera…but I can’t really take a picture of my camera with my camera! Hope this inspires you to dress up your own camera – would love to see pictures if you do!


Alexandrea Nicole