Saving pays off!

I have wanted a nice camera for some time now, and every time I get a little bit of money I stash it away to save up. With a little help from our tax refund, I’ve saved up enough and cashed it in!

My husband and I buy our “toys” this way. Saving up for a long time to buy something that we want but isn’t a need. It really makes you evaluate and spend your money wisely! I hope I made a good choice with this one!

I bought a Canon EOS Rebel Ti3 Digital Camera and a 50mm f/1.4 USM Autofocus Lens. Not really sure exactly what that means, but I did enough research to determine that it’s what I wanted. (My next purchase is going to be a zooming lens!) I’m going to play with it this holiday weekend and hopefully figure out the basics!

Photographer friends (or anyone who enjoys taking pictures) – any tips for snapping memorable pictures?


Alexandrea Nicole