weekend warrior

As my Friday progressed, my plans changed drastically! I was originally planning a semi-quiet weekend at home full of crafty to-do projects. My weekend didn’t exactly turn out that way. Friday I didn’t have school, so I spend that morning doing things that would normally happen on a Saturday morning[Read more]

The Roomie

Just when I thought my room was complete last week, I discovered the one thing it was missing… a ROOMIE! Just kidding! I don’t think my room needs an extra body, but to my “pleasant” surprise Alex has temporarily moved in.  She is working with me at the Children’s Museum[Read more]

School’s Out

This pretty much sums up how I feel about today – It’s bittersweet, really! x0x0 alexandrea nicole Alexandrea NicoleAlex is a member of the GE Creative Team and is the eldest daughter within the trio. Her formal training is in education where she teaches Family & Consumer Science classes. The[Read more]

Countdown: 100 days

The countdown begins…officially! …until I’m getting hitched! With all the plans made all that’s left is to execute all those plans…HA! I am blessed with such great friends and family – I know that everything will be a-okay! I’ll fill you in on more later. x0x0 alexandrea nelsen Alexandrea NicoleAlex[Read more]

Big News

It’s official! I will be a student teacher at Milford High School next semester! I am very excited as this was my top preference. It will be nice to be in a small school and still be close to Lincoln. I am fairly familiar with the school as I did[Read more]