Pack Rat

The last few days I have been living the life of a pack rat. Yes it’s that time again – time to pack up and move. You would think that I would be a pro at this by now (since I have moved 6 times since coming to college). But alas, I have not refined packing to an exact science or art. More or less I toss things into a box until its full – which makes for quick packing. However, when you are unpacking those unmarked boxes with the intention of finding a very specific item it’s almost impossible!

Here’s the scoop: I am going home this summer so I can finish wedding plans (and live rent free!). Jake is staying in Lincoln at the Animal Science building and working. We are getting an apartment *hopefully* beginning July 1st. So we have again rented a storage unit for all that extra “stuff.” And believe me – we have each accumulated quite a bit of “stuff.”

There’s a saying that things often get worse before they get better…whoever coined that phrase must have been packing to move. My room this week is proof of that! I would take a picture but my camera is somewhere in my room under a pile that is yet to be picked up and packed! Ha!


alexandrea nicole