weekend warrior

As my Friday progressed, my plans changed drastically! I was originally planning a semi-quiet weekend at home full of crafty to-do projects. My weekend didn’t exactly turn out that way.

Friday I didn’t have school, so I spend that morning doing things that would normally happen on a Saturday morning – cleaning. Bathrooms, dishes, floors – just not laundry.

Then that afternoon I hit the road for Columbus to see my parents’ new house! I got the grand tour and helped put shelving units together for the storage room in the basement. Courtney also drove up, and after she arrived we all hit the road for Milford. Yep, that’s right. I ended up in Milford even on a day that I didn’t have too!

You see Milford and Minden were to face off Friday night in a game of football. This was a chance for my family to see where I spend about 8-14 hours a day. It was an exciting game. Wasn’t quite sure who to cheer for. I did sit with my parents on the visitor’s side. In the end the Minden Whippets won! YAY! Then it was back to Lincoln.

Saturday Jake was headed home for Fall Break. If you recall, Friday was my break. So because I had school on Monday, I let Jake go home by himself and enjoy harvest. Instead I headed back to Columbus for more unpacking, shorting, and organizing (because of this Saturday and Sunday kind of run together) Mom and dad had purchased a couple of bookshelves for the basement room…well for all our books! Mom and I spent some time assembling those while dad made some trips to the paper recycling place. We also went through countless boxes of “stuff” to be donated to Goodwill. Lots and lots….and lots…..of stuff. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe my dad made two trips with a full pickup. I also convinced my mom to rip out the book shelves on a brick fireplace wall and picked out some paint colors.

I started back for Lincoln on Sunday afternoon – to an empty house! It wasn’t exactly the weekend that I had planned, but it was fun just the same! Now I’m just not sure when I’ll get around to all that other stuff – not to mention wedding thank yous! Yikes!

You’ll have to beg mom to see pictures of the house as her phone was the only camera available this weekend!


Alexandrea Nicole