You Need To Know My Crazy Reveal

Hi Friends! How is your week going?  As you know from last week’s article, I’ve been busy and frankly having so much fun. I’m feeling a little guilty since many people are not enjoying their mandatory home stays during the COVID-19 pandemic.

One major task I tackled while banned to my home was reorganizing my quilting studio and well, I’m just going to go ahead and blurt it out – I made room for a new longarm quilting machine. I know, I know, I sold my longarm machine when we closed the brick and mortar shop 17 months ago. To my defense, I had no idea that someone would buy it so quickly. At the time I saw it as a blessing; yet, when it was disassembled and walked out the door it became very real that my longarm quilting days were cut too short. I tried to dismiss it and told myself to move on. I had other purposes for my life – Hmm – I am a serial entrepreneur, I should have no problem seeing a new direction to pursue.  However, after researching a few other industries of interest, I kept coming back to quilting. Do you believe it, “I purchased a longarm quilting machine during COVID-19.”

I am so excited to jump back into longarm quilting and narrowing my focus to “all things quilty.” (Not a quilter? Stay tuned for more reveals in the near future.) What I enjoyed and miss the most is seeing all your creative and lovely quilts. Oh, the colors and designs are fascinating. It is like having my own quilt festival all year long. I appreciate all the time you put into selecting the exact fabric colors and textures for your selected quilt design, the cutting of the fabrics and sewing the pieces together. Bam – you have a quilt top (maybe not that quick ????). You inspire me…and the quilting community!

Quilt Tops Waiting for Longarm Quilting Service

Are your quilt tops starting to stack up during COVID-19 like mine? Well, I’m all set up and already quilting my stack. I would love to quilt yours. Are you wishing they were finished so you could use them or pass them along to the intended recipient?

I remember the first time I saw a quilt quilted on a longarm machine. It was candy to my eyes and I couldn’t stop softly brushing my hands over the precision stitching. You know what I’m talking about, right?! And honestly, I still quilt a row or two and pause to take it all in. Your quilts are beautiful when they arrive. And when they leave, they leave with the icing on the top. 

Are you ready to have the icing added to your quilt top?

  • Local – If you are local, you’re welcome to drop off your quilt at my studio. Simply purchase the quilting service online, complete the “order detail” form and contact me for an appointment. I am located in NW Lincoln (Fallbrook neighborhood in Lincoln, NE).
  • Not-Local – If you do not live in the area, simply purchase the quilting service online, complete the “order detail” form and ship your quilt to my studio.

For details about Grace Elizabeth’s quilting service – head on over to the online shop by clicking the button below.

I’ll be honest – there is a lot of reading, but its necessary reading. Hey, if you want to have a little fun first, click the button below and explore the edge-to-edge designs I currently offer. If you have a design in mind and you don’t see it, ask and we’ll see what we can do. Have FUN!

God Bless!