How to Pay Zero for a Cute Baby Sweater

So how does one pay zero for a cute baby sweater?  There could be a few possibilities…

  1. Take advantage of a “buy-one-get-one-free” sale at a retail store
  2. Receive this said baby sweater from a friend as a gift or hand-me-down
  3. Or, make it yourself using leftover yarn – called a stash buster project

I don’t know about you but I am not fond of accumulating leftover yarn. It takes up precious storage for all the yummy yarn I’m dreaming of buying to make gorgeous sweaters, scarves, blankets, and the unending list continues. I have a hard time looking at leftover yarn and trying to figure out a project to incorporate it without it screaming “I had leftover yarn, didn’t know what to make out of it, so here it is – a project obviously made out of unwanted yarn.” Admit it, you’ve made one of those projects and it is hiding in the back of the closet. I have a suggestion for that ugly project a little later, continue reading.

Here is picture of the yarn I had leftover. It’s all sports weight (3). The other projects I made from this yarn were for babies: a sweater, blankets and socks.


How to Pay Zero for a Cute Baby Sweater by #Knitting

I chose to make a sweater using Corrina Ferguson’s free pattern Sourpatch found on  I chose to knit the 4T size.

How to Pay Zero for a Cute Baby Sweater by #Knitting

The pattern was fairly easy to read.  There is a correction stated at the end of the instructions so be sure to make a note of it before knitting.  I personally made an adjustment to the skirt increase round.  I initially followed her instructions and increased to the 162 stitches stated, but I found the skirt to be too bulky with the yarn I was using.  Therefore, I only increased to 141 stitches and it looks much better.

How to Pay Zero for a Cute Baby Sweater by #Knitting

I am pleased with the final project.  What do you think?  I was able to completely use my little balls of yarn and about half the pink yarn. I actually had 2 skeins of it but didn’t have the second skein in the picture.

How to Pay Zero for a Cute Baby Sweater by #Knitting

Ok now what should you do with that ugly project sitting in the back of the closet?  If the project is finished, I would encourage you to give it to charity.  If it is unfinished or just way too ugly to give away you could frog it (rip out the stitches) and make something else out of it like stuffing for a toy or pillow.  If you are thinking about throwing it into the trash here is an idea by Susan at Juniper Moon Farm blog that might make you change your mind. Put the scraps in a suet feeder and voila! You’ve just provided nesting materials for all the birds in your area.


Idea for leftover yarn - graceelizabeths.,com #yarn #knitting

What have you made out of your leftover yarn?  Give us all some ideas!