Finding an Attractive Modern Block to Update an Old Standard

I have always loved the look of a wedding ring quilt – very traditional, vintage, and not to mention gorgeous! But they also look really involved to make with all that curved piecing. I love to make beautiful things, but I’m the kinda girl who likes to take short cuts.  I set out to find an attractive modern block to update an old standard. Here’s what my criteria looked like:

Finding an Attractive Modern Block to Update an Old Standard: Wedding Ring Quilt

1. A quilt block with minimal piecing

2. Ring Design

3. Showcases fabric choices

4. Modern flair

After drooling over quilts on Pinterest (this board is full of my inspiration – go ahead and drool – I’ll wait!)  I finally narrowed down my choices.

 Top 3 Choices for a Modern Block to Update the Wedding Ring Quilt

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1. Melon Double Wedding Ring Quilt

melon double ring


2. Single Girl Quilt

single girl

3. Jump Rings Quilt

jump ring


I’m looking to do whatever modern block I end up choosing as a quilt for my husband and I to lay at the end of our bed. Picking just one to make is going to be much harder than I thought. I love them all for different reasons!

What do you think of my choices for a modern block to replace a more traditional wedding ring quilt?

Happy Sewing!