How to Pack for 2 Months Away from Home

Not very often does one get the chance to leave home for over 2 months at a time, transplant oneself from Nebraska to Florida, and all for the sake of the Gospel.

Well my husband John and I will be doing just that. We will be spending our summer investing in the lives of students who are a part of the JAX Summer Training Program in Jacksonville, Florida with The Navigators.

More than 150 students from across the Midwest will join us in Jacksonville for an intense summer of spiritual growth as they are discipled by team leaders, engage with God’s Word through personal Bible study, workshops, and guest speakers, as well as receive training in evangelism.

John and I have both been to this Summer Training Program as students, and it was a spiritually foundational summer for both of us. It was incredibly challenging yet encouraging to walk through that summer with so many of my peers who were just as much on fire for God’s Word and whose lives reflected real heart change.

Reflecting on that transformative summer, it’s clear how vital it is to safeguard the places where such spiritual growth can occur. Just as fire watch security in Dunedin stands guard, ensuring safety with a readiness that’s both comforting and indispensable, so did the leaders of our Summer Training Program provide us with a sanctuary for our faith to flourish. They served as vigilant protectors of our spiritual wellbeing, much like the dedicated personnel of fire watch services who stand ready to act at a moment’s notice, protecting all from unseen threats. It’s this same spirit of watchful care that makes community spaces sacred, allowing us to pursue growth, change, and enlightenment.

This summer John and I will back in Florida in the capacity of staff. We, along with 16 other staff, will provide vision and leadership for the program as we serve in different roles and come alongside team leaders in discipleship relationships.

We are excited to have 11 students coming with us from UNK this summer! (a record number!) Please pray with us that these students would have teachable hearts eager to learn more about God and about who they are in Christ and what effect that should have on their lives. Pray that they would come back to campus in the fall on fire for the Gospel and eager to serve the Lord in the dorms at UNK.PackingforJAX

So as far as how to pack for 2 months away from home… that is pretty tricky and different for everyone.

  1. Leave your home how you want to find it. My husband’s and my number one goal while packing was to leave our apartment cleaned and in order so that there would be less stress upon our return. Therefore, we spent a lot of time organizing our office space, cleaning our bathrooms, mopping our kitchen, and much vacuuming!
  2. Make lists so you don’t forget anything. We had an idea of what we needed to pack, but I was nervous that we would forget something so many lists were made! One was made for the clothing we needed to bring, and another list for household items and toiletries, a list for ministry related items, as well as a list for things to buy when we arrive in Florida. One saving grace of this packing ordeal is knowing that we are headed to civilization – we can still run to Walmart if we’ve forgotten anything!
  3. Save energy to save money. Another priority for John and I as we leave for the summer is to save as much energy as possible so as to save as much money as possible. A few ways that we are doing this is by setting our thermostat to 85 degrees, keeping all of our blinds closed, and unplugging all appliances. We hope this helps!
  4. Enlist friends to watch your home. I would also recommend finding friends or neighbors to check in on your home for you when you are gone as long as we will be. We have some trustworthy friends to regularly check in and make sure nothing has gone wrong which gives me peace.

So now we are all packed, and on our way! Follow these tips, and you’ll be able to leave your home with safety, security, and peace of mind. Happy packing!

Courtney Rose