Throwback Thursday: FREE Weekly Menu Printable

Are you a planner?  In many ways I am but my husband says I am not so good on the follow-through.  He’s right but I do love to plan.  I think it’s the process and then once it’s planned the fun is over.  It’s hard to explain but once I have gone through the planning stage with all the research and putting everything in its place for just the right outcome, I’m satisfied with a job well done.  I’ve already in a way experienced the experience – on to the next project.

Speaking of planning…awhile back Alex created a FREE DOWNLOAD: Weekly Menu Printable (link below).  I have tried to change my eating habits.  Too many sugars over the years – ugh.  So, I printed out a Weekly Menu yesterday and have started some menu planning.  I am excited that I am already ahead of this plan in the follow-through. (Is that possible?)  I have lost some weight over the past 4 months and am motivated to keep it going and get back to a comfortable weight where I feel more energetic.  I have hit that first dreaded plateau so now a plan is very important to keep the goal in sight.

Weekly Menu Plan in Action - #FREE #download by Grace Elizabeth's

Join me in planning your weekly menu!

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Happy Planning!

Sonya Kay