Easy DIY Reading Journal

A quick post for today! I wanted a cute way to log the books I’ve been reading. I created this super Easy DIY Reading Journal. Check it out…

This school year the students in the middle school were challenged to read more. A reading program was set up and the library underwent a transformation! I decided to jump on the bandwagon and join the reading program at school to set an example for my students.

I have always enjoyed reading, but at some point during college reading became a chore and I hadn’t done very much of it since…we’re talking maybe a total of 10 books from the beginning of college until the beginning of the school year. And most of those were read during the summer on vacation.

It has been fun to get book recommendations from the kids at school to see what they are reading. I have re-read a few of my favorites. Since the beginning of the school year I’ve read a total of 24 books! I’d say that’s quiet an improvement…but I don’t want to stop there!

easy diy reading journal #GEinc

I wanted a way to keep track of all the books I read. I’ve been keeping a list on my computer at school, but I wanted something tangible that I can hold and fill up.

easy diy reading journal #GEinc

I found a cute composition notebook at Walmart and this great free download on Pleated Poppy. Viola! An Easy DIY Reading Journal under $5.00. I can’t wait to fill its pages with the titles and authors that I’ve read. It will be a great way to get ideas for other books to read or recommend a read to the friend!

easy diy reading journal #GEinc

Any good book recommendations? How do you log books read by you or your kids?


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  1. Recently finished Chasing Fireflies by Charles Martin. First book I have read of his…will read more of his…

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