Project Life: Hiking

How is Craft Month 2015 treating you? Last weekend was my Spring Break. I had planned on a crafting marathon to get a lot of the projects on my plate and in my mind worked out. Great intentions…

The weather had other plans. Now normally, that would mean terrible weather that didn’t cooperate and ruined any plans. However, the weather was gorgeous! I got spring fever and wanted to spend as much time outside and get that feeling of sunshine back on my skin! After the all the weather we’d been having, I was certainly getting a little cabin fever. We took two little trips out of Ames to spend some time enjoying nature. On Friday we went hiking at Brushy Creek State Rec Area. We’ve been there many times, but tried a new trail that we hadn’t been on before. We walked along the Madrid High Trestle Trail on Saturday afternoon. We’ll have to go back because I hear at night they light it up! My camera went along and we snapped a few pictures.

Last year, I started Project Life as a way of documenting our daily life. And I loved it – still do! I started out with a double page spread weekly at the beginning of the year. By summer each week was down to a single page spread and once school started Project Life had ceased. This year I am looking to simplify. Rather than killing myself trying to keep up and feeling terrible when I fail (like last year) I decided to still use the Project Life templates, but only scrap certain memories rather than EVERY DAY. I might scrap every day for a week if it was extraordinary but it might be a few weeks or months until my next scrap.

So alas, instead of getting DIY projects crossed off the list, I added one more. With all the pictures I took, and since we went somewhere new, I wanted do a Project Life layout from our hiking excursions. I’m getting pretty quick at doing these, so it wasn’t too hard to get this crossed off my list quick.

March 7 Hiking


Alexandrea Nicole