Clean Cake Frosting Tip

There is something about a beautiful cake on a cake stand that is so rewarding. But how to keep the cake plate clean while frosting the plate? Here’s a clean cake frosting tip for you! I’ve found that if you place sheets of wax paper between the cake and cake plate while you frost they act as a barrier. Simply remove the wax paper when you’ve finished frosting and viola! A clean cake plate.

cake frosting papers 1

By no means did I come up with this – I can’t even recall where I first found out about this. But I’ve been using this technique for cake frosting for some time and it makes all the difference!

cake frosting papers 2cake frosting paper 3

This technique worked really well for me recently while frosting a German chocolate cake with tons of frosting. Even though the cake looked “messy” the cake plate was spotless!cake frosting papers 4

Do you have any tips for making cake frosting easier?


Alexandrea Nicole