Pallet Christmas Wall Hanging

Last holiday season I fell in love with this wall hanging I found on Etsy. And I used it as inspiration for my own version.

pallet tree @

In the shop at the farm, I found a junk pallet that was lying around. I sweet talked my husband into taking the board apart and cutting lengths to build this rustic tree. I chose to stencil the letters in red paint to add some festive color. The final step was to use wood glue to attach the limbs to the trunk of the tree.

Believe it or not…this project was on my “projects started but yet to be finished” list. I had all the words painted except those on the last board. And then I had to pick up my project and put it away. It never resurfaced until going through boxes in the spare bedroom after moving. I finished it real quick in time for the holiday season.

Being newly married and living in an apartment, we don’t have a lot for Christmas decor. Just our tree and stockings. This wall hanging was a fun addition and brings the Christmas spirit into the rest of living room. I want to add one new item each year-homemade or not!

How are you decorating this holiday season? Any new ideas?


Alexandrea Nicole