Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Haymarket Park: Lincoln SaltdogsHaymarket ParkFor a little family friendly summer fun we ventured out to a Minor League Baseball Game in Lincoln. The evening we attended they were playing a double header at Haymarket Park which is home to the Lincoln Saltdogs.  Two games and twice the fun!

The weather was perfect! Our tickets were in left field – even though I thought it would be fun to sit on “the berm.” We had one close call with a pop fly foul ball where I didn’t know whether to cover my head or reach out to catch the ball!

The atmosphere of the ball park was my favorite part. The organ songs, hotdog shooter, and “leeee-mo-nade!” Not to mention the second game was a no-hitter for 5 1/2 innings. About that time Mackenzie and I got up to walk around the outfield. Dad’s baseball superstition led him to believe our moving could have been the reason for the home run hit to end the no-hitter.

In any case, we had a really fun time at the baseball game. Does your family have any favorite summer past times?

xoxo, Alexandrea Nicole