DIY Wedding Shadow Box

Wedding Shadow Box

Shortly after we got married I wanted to preserve and display many treasured items from our wedding day. After working so hard to plan a memorable day, I didn’t want those items to get packed away in a box only to be rediscovered years later while cleaning out old stuff. Because many of the items were small, I thought a shadow box would be suitable. This was such a fun project to complete and every aspect of the shadow box has something to do with our wedding from the fabric the back is covered with, to the burlap bunting, and of course the items stored inside. It had previously been hanging in our master bedroom. After moving to our new place, I decided that I am too proud of it to hide it away. Now it is hung in the hallway so everyone who comes over can see it (and I still get to see it everyday too)!

Have you done anything special with memorabilia from your wedding day?


Alexandrea Nicole