“Knifty” Knit Infinity Scarf

Once again, I’ve returned to one of my passions: knitting. This time I thought I’d try an infinity scarf, which means that it is connected as a continuous loop.

This was a fun one to make because it was just so simple! I just used a rib stitch (knit, purl) as the pattern. The one challenge it posed though was the connection, but the remedy was to try out a fancy new stitch: the kitchener stitch. This stitch is used to fasten the two ends together in a way that it continues the pattern and becomes invisible. After watching the following tutorial and reading her instructions, I was able to modify it to my 1 knit, 1 purl pattern.
For my scarf I used Lion Brand Yarn – Hometown USA, super bulky weight, in Lake Tahoe Blue and size 13 needles. For the width I desired, I cast-on 18 stitches using the provisional cast-on method.  This cast-on gave me live stitches in order to connect both ends using the kitchener stitch.  If you do not know how to do a provincial cast-on go to the knittinghelp.com website.

Blue Infinity Scarf

You could definitely make variations of this scarf to add your own twist. Try a different weight of yarn, size of needles, or number of stitches cast-on! Then post pictures so we can see how yours turn out!

~Courtney Rose~

Have you ever used the kitchener stitch before? Did it give you any troubles?

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