Window Display

Wow! This week has flown by! I feel as though I am at full speed and yet have completed nothing. It is days like these that I would love to add a couple hours to the day. Of course that isn’t something I can change so I need to organize my time better.

So today I have an announcement! Wedding pictures are in the mail! That means I will be able to share some with you in the weeks to come. So exciting! However, today I have more about the kitchen. Because I have been spending my time on school like a good college student, I haven’t been able to do the things I want to do.

In my apartment complex the only windows on the front wall are small rectangles above the cabinets. Most people have boxes crowded on top of the cabinets. I personally didn’t want to do the same because then I would have to look at the mess daily. Instead I wanted to display things that showed my personality!DSCN4307

My window display consists of: a “Kiss the Cook” sign (bridal shower gift from Nathan’s mother), hydrangeas, mason jars, and cake stands. I love the sign! However, I love it even more surrounded by the hydrangeas. When I was unpacking the cake stands, I thought displaying them would be much better than trying to store them somewhere. I would say now they are easier to get to but… I won’t be doing much baking. I have a compact oven which burns edges before the inside is even near ready. Ugh!

DSCN4311Anyway, I also used wedding decorations for my table. I have a chalkboard stand from Hobby Lobby that I use to write the meals for the day or just a note to my husband. Originally it gave the instructions at the guest table. I also used more hydrangeas and mason jars. I have to admit the kitchen is my favorite part of the apartment (not including the oven). Probably because I have put the most work into it so far!

Remember to stop by next week! Wedding pictures to come!!!!!

Mackenzie Grace