Field Experience Update

Sorry to disappoint, but this week has kind of been hairy. Not literally of course, but there have been some late nights. I guess this is an update about my field experience more than anything, so here it goes!

I finally got to meet my cooperating teacher, Mrs. Slaughter, at KCHS and observe her classroom this week! Some of you know that it has kind of been a struggle to get to that point. Last week I went in to begin my field experience, and the secretary told me that the teacher was sick. Then the next day I was planning to go in, I called the office before driving over there. They told me she was still out sick, but then I received an email from her later that day asking me to come in at 1:30. Sadly, I did not check my email until 1:45, so we rescheduled to begin this week.

Thankfully on Tuesday I made it to the classroom without miscommunications or anyone getting sick! I am looking forward to learning from her this semester and interacting with the students. Right now I am mostly helping her out by grading papers, but starting next week I will begin tutoring some students as well. At some point in the semester I will be teaching at least one lesson, but I still have some time before I need to decide more about that 🙂

For now I am just praying that God gives me the strength to do my best in all areas that I am involved in from my field experience and schoolwork, to my two jobs, Navigators and AOII. This is a full semester, but God has blessed me with these many opportunities, and I am excited to see how He uses me in them.