Super Bowl: Are You Ready for Some Football?

Are you ready for some Football?  We always have a Super Bowl party with fiends and family. My favorite part is the food, fellowship and commercials.  I always try to make sure I know the teams playing before people arrive just not to embarrass myself when they start talking about the game.

Our menu is typically “tailgating”.  Below are a few things I am planning for the menu this year and  I always love to see what the guests bring.  Today will be the day I go to the grocery store for the super bowl party supplies.  Of course Rick will be accompanying me.   He is in the kitchen right along side me when we prepare for guest.   And praise God he is willing to help clean the house too.  One nice thing about being empty nesters is that there is less house cleaning.



<Link to recipes on Springpad>

Enjoy the game or should I say the commercials!