Home Design: Kitchen Lift

I am pretty excited to share with you today! I made my first change in the apartment. What did I do?  I took out all the cabinet doors in my kitchen! Ugh, they were so difficult to deal with. They were sliding doors so I could only get to half of a cabinet at a time. Plus, they would get stuck and I had to take more time moving and fixing doors than getting dishes and ingredients out.

My fix? Curtains. Because I live in an apartment, I can’t fully renovate my kitchen (and don’t have the money to). Curtains were really the only choice I had other than leaving all the cabinets open. Lucky for me, curtains are low cost! I don’t sew very often so my mom helped me measure and decide how much fabric I needed. To hang them, I chose spring rods (also low cost) so that I could take them all the way off if I had a lot of cooking and baking and didn’t want any hassle. When I sewed, I kept the salvage on and just folded the part over enough to be able to slip it on the rod. These curtains are the first project I have completed on my own sewing machine. So proud!


As you can see I left the two over the sink open. I decided I would use those two the most and didn’t want to overwhelm the kitchen with curtains. Instead I mod podged scrapbook paper onto the back to add a very subtle color and pattern. (I used my homemade mod podge)

Oh! And I added a rug! It helps break up the yellowing tile.

I hope this gives you some ideas for a simple low cost project for your home!

Mackenzie Grace

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