Hand Knitted Dishcloth Gifts

I recall as a young wife and mother a wise woman advised me to always have ingredients on hand to be able to throw together a quick meal for the unexpected guest.  Over the years I have also learned to have a gift box full of things that could be given as gifts for that unexpected event, birthday party, hostess gift, etc.  A staple in my “Gift Box” is handmade dishcloths.  I love making these and people seem to love receiving something handmade.

My quick-go-to pattern is what I call the Mormor’s Dishcloth Pattern.  It’s a good knitting pattern for beginners.  I came by this pattern from my grandma back in the ’90s.  I have a photo copy of the pattern out of the August-September, 1991 “Best of Workbasket” magazine.  How many of you out there have a collection of “Workbaskets?”  I know my mother has a big box.  The pattern is easy…

Mormor Dishcloth Pattern:

Yarn: worsted weight 100% cotton (common yarn used is “Sugar ‘n Cream” by Lily)

Needles:  US 10 (You can be flexible here – there is no gauge required)

  • Cast on 4 sts
  • Row 1: K across
  • Row 2: K 2, yo, k to end of row
  • Repeat Row 2 until there are 43 sts on needle.  (or less if you want to make is smaller)
  • Next – Dec Rows: K 1, K 2 tog, yo, k 2 tog, k to end.  Continue working dec row until 4 sts remain
  • Last Row: K across 4 sts, bind off

Happy Knitting!  Tell me what you like to give as a quick gift.