Oh dear, it has been awhile.  I have decided that it is very difficult to write these if I am uninspired! Plus, these last two weeks have been crazy busy with school.  Today, I have finally been inspired to write again.  Maybe it has something to do with the start of Spring Break, or maybe I just finally had time.  Whatever the case, as I was making supper, I decided it would make a great blog topic.

I don’t usually like to spend a lot of time on supper, but tonight I had time and I chose to make a pizza.  I really didn’t have any of the typical pizza toppings, so I kind of made things up as I went! It sort of turned into a Spinach and Chicken Alfredo Pizza.  First, I started with some Jiffy pizza dough mix, following the boxes directions. Then I chopped about 1 ½ to 2 cups of fresh spinach leaves.  (I didn’t measure anything so this is purely guess work).  Next, I shredded maybe ½ cup of colby jack cheese. This was the only cheese I had on hand, but you may want to select a different kind.  Then I cut two chicken breasts into bite size pieces and cooked them in a pan with a little Italian seasoning.  I used an alfredo sauce from a jar instead of a tomato sauce.  Then I just layered everything onto the crust and voila! A deliciously yummy pizza that only took 30 minutes to prepare!

~Courtney Rose~