DIY Apartment Life: Grocery Bag Organizer

For those of you who know our family, you may have noticed that we enjoy changing up our surroundings on a regular basis.  I am not quite sure why we feel the need to renovate, paint, or move furniture so frequently, but I do know that Alex, Mackenzie, and I inherited the trait from our mother.  Let us just say that up until Grace Elizabeth’s B&B, our family moved houses on an average of every three years.  I have lived in six houses in my lifetime, three of which were in the same town.

Maybe that is why I am so excited that I finally have my own place to decorate, organize, and rearrange!  Oh sure, Mom and Dad gave us a lot of freedom in decorating our own bedrooms in the past, but now I have an entire apartment to go wild in!  The only downside is that this grown-up step in life did not happen at the most ideal time: dead winter and in the middle of the school year.  There really isn’t too much that I can do until school gets out and I can work more hours.  Did I mention that I work at our local children’s museum?  That is a story in itself.  Anyways, my roommate and I have finally settled into a routine, but apartment decorating just hasn’t fit into the schedule.  Until then, I will just have to settle for small projects focused on making my life a bit easier.

If I am going to come up with fun and practical projects, why not share them with you?  I am not promising anything spectacular, but I am willing to share what I come up with!  This week my project has to do with those pesky plastic sacks that stores keep giving away like candy.  I realize that I would not have a pesky plastic sack problem if I used a reusable grocery bag, but whoever remembers to bring those along? Not my mom! So instead, I like to reuse these sacks as trash can liners.  The only problem is that they are kind of an eyesore to store.  The solution: a simple to sew grocery bag organizer! Now, I have to admit that I stole this idea from Alex.  When I went to visit her before Christmas break, I noticed that she had made one of these for her apartment.  The organizer looked easy enough to whip up so I thought I’d give it a shot!  I have provided some rough directions for you in this video, but I want you to know that I just whipped this together quick.  There are a million and one ways that you could change this project to fit your needs or skills, so don’t freak out if my “video” isn’t all inclusive.  Also, I do not have a video camera, so this is more of a picture show with directions so don’t expect anything too fancy! If you have a question, feel free to leave a comment!

~Courtney Rose~