Throwback Thursday: Pantone Color of the Year

Throwback Thursday highlights a post from years past that we think you might enjoy! This post about the Pantone Color of the Year 2013 originally made its debut on Grace Elizabeth’s on Jan 10, 2013.  I’m a little behind on reporting Pantone’s “Color of the Year” for 2015.  I was reminded[Read more]

Fall 2014: Pantone’s Fall Fashion Colors

Are you one to follow fashion colors?  As consumers we don’t have many options but to buy what the fashion industry puts on the shelves or hang on the racks.  This is also true with textile arts unless you dye your own textiles be it fabric or yarns.  I am[Read more]

2013 Color of the Year

This article originally posted by Angela Wolf on PatternReview Blog It’s that time of year again! Pantone announced emerald green as the color of the year.  Have you ever wondered how and why they choose a specific color? I found the reasons for this year’s pick very interesting, and the choice is[Read more]