Best “Teacher Appreciation Day” Gift of All Time

Alex Teacher Picture

Do you have a gift for your student’s teacher yet?  Tuesday, May 5th is National Teacher Appreciation Day and you don’t want to be caught without a means to appreciate the teacher or teachers in your child’s life – do you?

For a cute little project you could bop on over to Pinterest and find thousands of ideas to create your own (better known as DIY) “teacher gift.”  BUT WAIT — after doing a little research on my own and talking with our resident teacher – Alex Nicole – cutesy gifts are not considered the “best” gift of all.  So put away all those craft supplies and get out a pen or pencil.  Yep – The BEST gift of all is a Written Note.

Alex (7th-12th grade Family and Consumer Science teacher) says – “Sometimes as a teacher I just need affirmation that I’m doing the right things and touching kids’ lives.  The most meaningful words are those from students and parents!”  I also read that some teachers, when having a bad day, will pull out those notes from students and parents and read them. It gives them a reminder that they are making a difference and that this moment is just a little bump in the road.  So make a difference in a teacher’s life today and write a note of appreciation and give it to them on May 5th!

Thank You Note Idea for Teacher Appreciation Day

For those still wanting to do a DIY project, make your own note card for your special Thank You note.  Here is a sample of a design (available free to our subscribers) I created on  There are several design sites out there that you could use. Another one I use is

Are you ready to write?