A gift 12 years in the making

Since getting married this past fall, I’ve kind of taken a hiatus from blogging. But thankfully not from crafting! I’ve actually picked up the pace and tackled projects I never thought I could. I’ve also discovered some unfinished projects, as well as the beginnings of a breeding stash of yarn – eek!

Cross-stitch Humming Bird Coaster - Grace Elizabeth's

In the process of cleaning out my sewing basket, I rediscovered an old cross-stitch project I hadn’t completed. I found this unfinished hummingbird coaster kit at just the right time – between other projects – so I picked it up and started stitching away!

I originally began this project in 2003 when I was in 6th grade! My grandmother Bonnie had been teaching me to embroider for a few years at that point, so I was familiar with needlepoint but had never tried to cross-stitch. I must have found this kit at a garage sale or something because I’ve since learned that the kit should have included 3 more coasters – oops!

I do remember why I chose this pattern though. My grandma and grandpa Nelsen were very big on birdwatching. They had bird feeders all over their backyard and would watch them from their family room windows. I especially loved watching the hummingbirds feed from the nectar feeder – they were so pretty and moved so quickly! I chose this specific pattern because I wanted to give the finished product to my grandma Bonnie.

Cross-stitch Humming Bird Coaster - Grace Elizabeth's

I don’t remember why I never finished the project the first time around – middle school must have gotten a lot busier or something 🙂 But it was bittersweet to pick it back up again to finish. You see, Grandma Bonnie passed away 7 years ago in April from cancer. Finding this unfinished gift makes me regret not being able to give it to her while she was alive. But I am thankful to have it now to remember her by.

~Courtney Rose~


Cross-stitch Humming Bird Coaster - Grace Elizabeth's