Yarn Stash Buster: Knitted Cowl

Yarn Stash Buster: Knitted Cowl - Free PatternAre you ready for a “Yarn Stash Buster?”  This knitted cowl was a natural.  I simply used a tried and true pattern from a past post, so if you are looking for a free pattern, here it is – Easy Peasy Knitted Cowl.

I’m not sure which finished cowl I like best.  I remember being pretty pleased with the original cowl but I have to say I am thrilled with this new one.  First – because I love the colors and second – I didn’t have to buy any yarn.  I already had this yarn in my stash.

Yarn Stash Buster: Cowl Cast On - Free Pattern

An invisible (provisional) cast-on was used so the cowl could be finished as a continual fabric. If you are not familiar with provisional cast-on be sure and follow the link for a step by step demonstration.

Yarn Stash Buster: Cowl Loose Ends - Free Pattern

As you can see I used several colors of scrap yarns.  Most yarns were bulky weight and I held two different colors together and knit.  I started with yellow and brown and then found a super bulky weight yarn and knit it by itself.  Back to the bulky weight yarns I combined cream and brown, then brown and blue, then blue and cream, then cream and yellow and finished with the super bulky weight brown.

Yarn Stash Buster: Cowl ends tucked - Free Pattern

After tucking all loose ends, one twist was made to the fabric and then attached to the beginning using the kitchener stitch.  Ok – here is a bit of honesty.  I have yet been able to successfully use the kitchener stitch on a seed stitch pattern but because of the properties of the yarns I used you really couldn’t tell that it wasn’t perfect.  Here is a link that I will refer to next time I need direction for this procedure. Kitchener Stitch Tutorial.

Yarn Stash Buster: Cowl closeup - Free Pattern

In this close-up you can see the combined yarns and texture of the stitches.  I love the look and feel of this scarf and can’t wait to wear it.

What are you going to make with your yarn stash?

Happy Yarn Stash Busting!