Pattern: Easy Pot Scrubber

Cleaning tools don’t have to be boring.  Add a bit of color to your kitchen with this Easy Pot Scrubber Pattern.  I was introduced to this project through our church’s “Helping Hands” group.  We send these as gifts to the locals with our pastor when he travels to the mission field each year.

This is a quick and easy project but PLEASE NOTE: if you have never crocheted, this would not be a good “first project.” Not because it has difficult stitches but because working with netting can be cumbersome.  I don’t want you to be discouraged.  If you already know how to crochet, but have not worked with netting, just take your time.  With some patience and stitching the stitches loosely, it will be a breeze.  Solid-colored pot scrubbers are created by using 2 strips of netting of the same color.  Variegated colored pot scrubbers are created by using 2 different colored strips of netting.

Easy Pot Scrubber Pattern by Grace Elizabeth's
Click Here for Pattern

What would you use these scrubbers for besides scrubbing pots and pans?

Happy Crocheting!


16 thoughts on “Pattern: Easy Pot Scrubber

  1. mm

    Panty hose…hum that is an interesting thought. My guess would be that they would not be strong enough for tough scrubbing. Try it and let us all know…Sonya Oh yes, I will send you a copy of the pattern via email.

  2. mm

    Sorry for the delay on this Laurie – One of our own (Courtney) got married on the 18th and just getting back to the normal routine. I will send the pattern to you via email.

  3. mm

    Hmm…It’s a pdf file. Perhaps you don’t the correct program to view the file. I will send a copy to your email! Let me know if that works!

    1. mm

      Hey thanks! They are cute and such an easy quick, small gift to give. I hope you will be giving some away too. 🙂

  4. Great idea! Love these little crochet pot scrubbers and thanks for the pattern. I have seen them with a strand of yarn and a strand of netting too – thinking that could potentially be used in the bath to exfoliate but I admit, haven’t made any yet!

    1. mm

      Thanks Kristina and Millie! If you crochet, and looks like you do per your website, these are easy to make. I made several tonight at our church’s “Helping Hands” group. Try them and tell me what you think 🙂

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