A Note to My Sisters

Today is National Sisters Day! Don’t forget to hug your sister and tell her how much ya love her!

I wanted to take the time to let my little sisters know how much they mean to me. I really like the following quote about sisterhood.

Giggles, Secrets,

Sometimes Tears,

Sisters and Friends

Through the Years.

sister day

Court and Kenz, you both can attest that we shared many giggles and a few tears growing up. We are close and close in age (both of which are the causation of those happy moments and fights). Now that we are “all grown up” and embarking on very different life journeys, I hope that we can remain close (even if physical distance might keep us apart). I see wonderful blessings in both of yours lives and you and blessings to me. I pray that God will continue to work in and through your lives.

xoxo – your big sis,

Alexandrea Nicole