¡Viva Argentina! – Finally here!

Hola from Argentina!

Life has been crazy since arriving on Saturday, but it has been incredible meeting new people and learning about the culture! Our first big introduction to the culture happened on Sunday when we hosted our first asado (think family barbeque in the US without the bbq sauce). The Nav staff and some friends all came over to the house we are renting to welcome us to the country and partake in some of the best beef in the world (sorry, Nebraska, but Argentina has you beat!). Unlike many barbeques in the States, the fun was not over when the food ended. Because Argentina is much more relational (the States being more activity driven), after the meal was finished everyone hung around for several hours talking, playing soccer and drinking mate.

Erin and Me at the tea shop.
Erin and Me at the tea shop.

Since the asado we have also: attended a church service, learned how to ride the bus, taken a remis (think taxi), enjoyed way too much food for our bellies to hold, toured downtown La Plata, drunk lots of mate in good company, learned how to clean out a chicken and make tartas and empanadas, gone on a scavenger hunt in City Bell, had tea in the cutest tea shop for merienda, stayed up way too late, and so much more that I can’t express.

That is about all I have time to update you on for now, but if you would continue praying for:

-Team unity


-Teachable hearts and minds

-Broken hearts for the Argentines

-The university campus where we will hopefully be making new friends

-Time alone to process

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